How to change your wallpaper on iPhone?

There are small, simple things that you don’t always think about doing or that just take a few seconds of research to achieve. Like the very simple operation of changing your wallpaper on iPhone or iPad.

Whether it is to display the portrait of your favorite superhero, a landscape that marked you or the photo of your children as being that fills your heart, the wallpaper of your smartphone is something very intimate. Here is how to change the wallpaper of your iPhone.


There are two solutions to change your iPhone or iPad wallpaper. The first is through the settings of iOS.

  • Locate the iPhone Settings icon and click on it.
  • Select Wallpaper .
  • Choose a wallpaper from those offered by Apple and from your photos.
  • It remains for you to define where it will appear on the Lock screen , the Home Screen or Both .

There is an alternative solution if you are only using photos or images uploaded in Photos.

  • Go to the Photos app .
  • Select a photo that you want to place as wallpaper.

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