Amazon Alexa can now be set as default assistant for android devices

Like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, Google has its own AI-powered smart assistant. However, unlike those other companies, Google is fine with cooperating with others. Google hasn’t closed off Android or even its own Pixel phones or other android-phones from using other assistants. Now it has gone even further. You can now set the Amazon Alexa as your Android device’s default Assist app. But, as with anything, there is a catch, which may be a deal breaker for some.

Alexa’s functionality on Android is still limited to certain extent. Alexa can’t make native calls or pull up maps. Although it can do a quick Google search. There are also fewer options for summoning Alexa than there are for Google Assistant: you can’t activate Alexa by saying its name i.e. “Alexa” or by squeezing/shaking your phone.

There growing animosity between the companies relating to the AI-powered assistants, especially witnessed in the home assistants. Clearly, the Amazon’s Alexa leads in that category. However, in smartphones, it hasn’t marked its widespread success yet.

Just like with Microsoft’s Cortana, the Android users can now set Amazon Alexa as the default on your Google’s Pixel range and many other Android handsets. Here’s how to change your default voice assistant to Alexa on your android device.


1. Download Amazon Alexa

Download the Amazon Alexa from the Google Play Store. Click here: Amazon Alexa.
Then open the app, sign in with your Amazon account, and complete any other steps required to set it up.

2. Set Alexa as the default voice assistant

Next, head into your phone’s Settings by swiping down the notification shade and tapping on the gear icon. From there, select Apps & notifications from the settings menu.

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Advanced and then select Default apps. Lastly, tap on Assist & voice input and then choose Assist app at the top of the list. Here, you can pick whichever voice assistant app you want to use as the default on android smartphone.

3. Long press on the home button

When you’re ready to give Alexa a go, just long-press on your home button. If it’s your first time using it, you will first need to grant it permission to use your microphone and such.

Let’s hope to see certain developments in the near future to make the assistant more mobile friendly.

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