Buddybuild, an App development service, acquired by apple

Apple has acquired a Vancouver based startup, Buddybuild, a mobile iteration platform focused on building integration and debugging tools. Apple said on Tuesday that it agreed to buy start-up Buddybuild, a move that could improve the workflow for iOS developers. And thus help the company achieve its goal of dramatically boosting its software and services business.

Financial terms for the deal have not yet been disclosed. Apple says that the team (currently employing around 40 or so engineers) will stay put in Vancouver. The startup celebrated by noting that it’s “always been proud to be a Canadian company.”

The acquisition is one of several changes Apple has made to beef up its coding platform, called Xcode. Apple has released a new, easier-to-learn language, Swift; developed a revenue-sharing model for subscription apps, and moved more of its software research out into the open. Apple also acquired Workflow.

When Apple started rolling out these changes over the past two years, developers says that Apple’s development environment had shortfalls, including the inability to easily fix bugs. Also the sprint to adapt to Apple’s roll-out of new iOS systems has made life much harder for smaller start-ups.

These may change with the acquisition of Buddybuild. Buddybuild in a blog where it informed about the collaboration said –
“We’re excited to share that the Buddybuild team has joined the Xcode engineering group at Apple to build amazing developer tools for the entire iOS community.”

The company will be discontinuing Free starter plans and Android app development services from 1st March 2018. However, the buddybuild service will remain available to existing customers to build, test, and ship iOS apps to testers through The company is no longer accepting new customers.

Earlier moves of Apple

Other recent moves by Apple to improve developing and getting apps to users includes the new option for any developer to offer a pre-order option, expanding its Search Ads program, and waiving the $99/year developer fee for non-profits and governments.

The acquisition of Buddybuild follows shortly after the news of Apple purchasing the music recognition and tagging service Shazam.

Apple is growing in all direction with its smartphone technology. With the ample of cash ideally lying in multiple countries it has an advantage of acquiring the services entirely. Apple is keeping pace with the everyday growing competition.

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