Charitable donations and introduction of new iPhone recycling robot, Daisy: Apple for Environment

Every company is getting more and more aware of the importance of the environment perseverance. Apple is continuing to further its environmental credentials by announcing a number of initiatives ahead of Earth Day. The main announcements include charitable donations for devices received as part of the Apple GiveBack program and the introduction of a new iPhone recycling robot called Daisy.

Running until April 30, Apple pledges to make a donation to the non-profit Conservation International. It will donate for every device received at Apple Stores and Apple.com under the Apple GiveBack program. Customers handing in their devices will continue to receive credit for an in-store purchase or an Apple Store gift card for future use for participating in the scheme.

Founded in 1987, Conservation International is an organization aimed at protecting the environment. COnventional International uses a combination of science, partnerships, and policy changes with a number of companies, communities, and countries around the world to achieve their aim. It has helped support 1,200 protected areas and interventions across 77 countries, safeguarding more than 601 million hectares of land, marine, and coastal areas in the process.

Conservation International CEO Dr M. Sanjayan said:

We are thrilled to have Apple’s support for Conservation International’s critical work to protect nature for people everywhere. Conversation International is proud to partner with Apple in giving consumers a great reason to join our movement.
Apple’s efforts to use recycled materials in its products represent the future of sustainable manufacturing. Apple is showing the world how it’s done.

Further, Apple unveiled Daisy just ahead of this Sunday’s Earth Day, a global event held annually to highlight environmental protection. The remarkable machine is a more advanced version of Liam, a robot unveiled by the tech company two years ago to perform the same task. Daisy is located in Austin, Texas, with a second robot coming to Breda, Netherlands.

Made from some of Liam’s parts, Daisy is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone and sorting their high-quality components for recycling. Daisy can take apart up to 200 iPhone devices per hour, removing and sorting components. It helps Apple recover materials that traditional recyclers can’t — and at a higher quality.

Daisy is part of Apple’s efforts to create a healthier planet through innovation. It helps Apple to move towards its goal of making its products using only recycled or renewable materials.

Liam (the earlier version):

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