Destiny 2’s new Prismatic Matrix system aims to make Eververse more bountiful.

Destiny 2’s Eververse, the in-game store where you can spend real money, has been one of the chief complaints about the game’s direction among long-time players. There have been many controversies around the store since the game’s launch. Bungie has made various tweaks to the store over the past several months, and an even bigger change is set to happen with the launch of season 3.

Bungie is adding a new feature to Eververse called “Prismatic Matrix”. The Prismatic Matrix will feature 10 Eververse items from Season 3 each week it is active. Each item within the new feature is on a knockout list. It means each player is guaranteed to receive all featured items for a given week by the tenth activation. Earning items via Bright Dust, Bright Engrams, or previous Matrix activations will also knock rewards off the list. In turn, each activation guarantees players an item that they never previously acquired.

With first well-rested level-up each week, the player will earn a Prismatic Facet, allowing one free use of the Prismatic Matrix. Prismatic Facets stack up to 3, so the player should make sure to have proper inventory space before earning a rank-up on a given week. Players can also purchase more activations for 200 Silver each. Players may continue to earn Bright Engrams each time they level up. They can still purchase these engrams if they want a chance to get everything from the Season 3 catalogue.

While we are witnessing an obvious trend of developers copying Fortnite’s battle royale format in order to emulate that game’s success, we’re going to see others copy a different aspect of it as well: its monetization model. Fortnite is a free-to-play game that sells cosmetics. However, one major thing that most avid players are apt to buy: a battle pass. A battle pass lasts for the length of the season and unlocks a series of challenges that allow players to rank up throughout the course of a season, acquiring new cosmetic items as they move up through the tiers. Now, Destiny 2 is riding the same path.

Destiny 2 players will get a chance to witness just how much the Prismatic Matrix and Bungie’s changes to rewards impact the game on May 8, when season 3 and Warmind, the game’s second expansion, go live.

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