Fnatic launched a new range of products – Streak, MiniStreak, Clutch 2, Flick 2

Whether competing in a world-class esports tournament or battling online within the comfort of a home, you definitely want to have a well-designed keyboard at your disposal. Quality is the mutual ground between both lifestyles, which is something everyone can relate to. Fnatic gear blends the two together with their new line of GEN 2 hardware, the Fnatic Gear Streak and Mini Streak mechanical RGB keyboards.

The Streak is a mechanical keyboard that feels very resolute and easy to work with. It’s a slim keyboard, but one with a lot of resistance to even the strongest of button presses. While bigger than its mini counterpart, the Streak still has the same functions that you would get with both. The Streak is meant to be used at home with your desktop computer, whether you’re playing games online or working on some personal projects on your PC.

Both keyboards have a strong focus on performance. However, they each have their own perks that will appeal to PC gamers who love to play video games competitively. One doesn’t need to be a champ to enjoy the comfort of a well-designed, esports ready keyboard; but s/he can feel like one just the same.

You can purchase the products from the Fnatic Store and Amazon Europe as before. But now, even the American fans are included. Fnatic has partnered with American retailer Best Buy to bring the Fnatic Gear products to 330 stores across the US. Fnatic founder Sam Mathews says the partnership is a huge coup for the organisation:

At Fnatic, it is our mission to help bring esports into every household in the world, and the partnership with Best Buy, a household name across North America, is another important step on the way. This is a unique opportunity to make the best esports equipment available to millions of gamers and continue contributing to the rapid growth of the esports industry.

The Streak

Following the Rush keyboard is the STREAK, which has a fully RGB mechanical keyboard. The design is sleek and thin with a focus on comfort with nice ergonomic features such as rest for your wrists. Like most gaming keyboard, you have a choice of CHERRY MX switches which will decide how tense and loud the buttons are. At £114, it’s a fair bit more expensive than Fnatic’s previous keyboard, the RUSH which costs £79.

The MiniStreak

This keyboard does what it says on the tin, it’s literally a smaller version of the STREAK keyboard. It’s another fully-RGB mechanical keyboard but in a tenkeyless form – removing the extra number buttons on the right. Fnatic says the miniSTREAK has almost all the features of its big brother but hasn’t detailed exactly what. It’s easier to pack if you’re travelling and cheaper at £87.

The Clutch 2

The Clutch 2 is the successor to the Clutch and is designed to suit right-handed gamers. It’s a lightweight mouse with a ‘best-in-class sensor’, tier-1 build quality, textured grip and a refined shape for extra precision. Unsurprisingly, it’s slightly dearer than it’s predecessor at £52.

The Flick 2

Similar to the Clutch 2, this is the second version of the Flick mouse which Fnatic says is used by their LoL and DOTA 2 teams. The Flick 2 features a shape and grip for gamers who prefer a more symmetrical feel. This is also more expensive than it’s predecessor but at a bigger margin, the first Flick costs £34 while the new one costs £52.

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