Gaming startup Wonder – building Android powered Nintento switch competitor

Renowned gaming company Wonder is working on a console that merges the best of a smartphone experience with a home console. The hardware is currently untitled and still-in-development. Wonder said earlier in an early look that it aims to build “an entertainment ecosystem for gamers and gadget heads who are fans of forward-looking tech.”

The company plans to achieve this with its own smartphone running its own proprietary operating system. The operating system is currently referred to as WonderOS. However, it’s unclear whether Wonder itself will make the phone device or it’ll outsource to well-established manufacturers.

So, what this device actually does?

Wonder looks to sell a hardware package alongside a subscription service upon release. The package will consist of a smartphone that can make calls, run apps and do all of the things that your phone currently does. But uniquely, it will slide into a dock that can hook up to a television and overclock the device’s GPU for enhanced gaming performance.

A controller that the smartphone can be docked onto for portable gaming, alike Nintendo Switch will be included in the offering. Using its hardware, Wonder is apparently planning to provide a range of content. It includes “streaming game and media options, original games from existing game makers, licensed and mobile-optimised third-party titles, and other entertainment hub-like features.”

For even the well-established players in the gaming sector, it is difficult to build out an entire ecosystem. We’ll have to wait till 2019 to see if Wonder’s gaming bid becomes a success. The company definitely has enough ambition to keep us interested. It is the company’s quest to build a perfect blend of hardware for the gamers.

Meanwhile, Nintendo may have plans for a Switch successor. Let’s see how the competition works out? Will the new idea attract the gamers and will they switch from the “Switch”?

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