Google i/o 2018 is about to bring some big updates

Google’s one of the biggest events of the year is less than a week away. Yes, it’s Google I/O 2018. I/O brings lots of announcements, discussions, updates, plans, developments each year. It is a much-awaited event. Let’s have a look at what can we expect from I/O 2018.

Keynote speech

The Google Keynote will be delivered by CEO Sundar Pichai at 10 AM Pacific time and will be live-streamed around the world. He will lead the keynote with announcements about latest products and platform innovations. This year, we expect Google to make some key announcements around Android P, Android Auto, AI & ML, Google Assistant, Android TV, and importantly VR & AR. The announcements in the keynote will be followed by individual sessions, roundtables and experiences for a more detailed insight into the new products and platforms.

Google Assistant

Since its launch, the Google Assistant has come a long way. The AI-based digital helper is found on both Android and iOS smartphones, Google’s own apps, smart speakers, and now, smart displays. Google is expected to announce the expansion of its Assistant’s reach and features at I/O 2018. One of the themes of Google I/O this year is ‘Beyond Mobile’ and its description reads:

“Expand onto new screens and push the limits of what’s possible”.

We hope to see some Assistant-powered displays which were first showcased at CES this year. The displays failed to make it to MWC 2018 and we hope to get our hands on them this time around.

Android P

Android P will be one of the key focus areas for Google at I/O 2018. The latest operating system by the company is already in the hands of developers after the first developer preview was rolled out back in March. The first developer preview for Android P gave us a look at how Google plans to embrace the infamous notch. As per the reports, Google is working on iPhone X-like gesture-based navigation support for Android P to help OEMs get rid of physical buttons and provide more screen real estate.

Google might give us an official look at how this gesture-based navigation will function on Android P devices in the upcoming event. Google had posted exclusive renders of Android P’s gesture navigation back in April. It hinted that Google is completely doing away with the square “Recent” button, allowing users to swipe up on a new pill icon to access the multitasking screen. We may see more of this at I/O 2018 when Google releases the second developer preview for the OS.

Android TV

An Android TV dongle accompanied by a remote with the Google Assistant button on it surfaced in April this year. The dongle also had Google branding on it sparking rumours that Google could launch the device at I/O 2018. The said Android TV device was listed featuring Android Oreo, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, an Amlogic S905X processor with 2GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.1, and 8GB storage. However, from the look of the device, it does not seem like something Google would launch for consumers. Rather, this could be a device for developers, a successor to the ADT-1 developer kit, which consists of a streaming media player and game controller designed for running and testing apps built for Android TV.

AR and VR

Recently, Google released a video on an AR related app “Just a line”. The app lets the users draw unicolored objects in augmented reality space. We can hope to see more such developments in the event including the VR headsets (also discussed in I/O 2017).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Google has taken command to develop the AI space. It places lots of focus on the artificial intelligence and machine learning functions, for both – smartphone and non-smartphone purposes. Google has been working on a bunch of AI experiments, including those for Google Photos and Pixel’s camera. One AI feature announced at I/O last year was image obstruction removal which was supposed to remove any obstructions from an image clicked through Pixel phones. This might just finally show up at I/O 2018.

The event begins on May 08, 2018. For more details, visit:

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