cover of the New Yorker

iPhone art makes the cover of the New Yorker

cover of the New Yorker

We’ve already had the iPhone band, so it was only a matter of time before creative professionals started doing impressive things with the rest of the iPhone app family.
Monday’s edition of the New Yorker magazine has a cover made entirely on the iPhone Brushes app in just one hour by artist Jorge Colombo. There’s more of his work for sale on 20×200.
Using another app called Brushes Viewer, Colombo made a video of the painting process. He told the New Yorker the app allowed him to work in the dark, which wasn’t possible without a torch before, and that it was more discreet that getting out his sketchpad because people assumed he was checking his emails.
“Colombo’s phone drawing is very much in the tradition of a certain kind of New Yorker cover, and he doesn’t see the fact that it’s a virtual finger painting as such a big deal. “Imagine twenty years ago, writing about these people who are sending these letters on their computer.” But watching the video playback has made him aware that how he draws a picture can tell a story, and he’s hoping to build suspense as he builds up layers of color and shape.”

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