iPhone Getting DataViz’s Documents To Go

iPhone Getting DataViz’s Documents To Go

The software enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to view and edit Word files on the go, and it can also help synch files between the handset and a desktop computer.

By Marin Perez

Apple’s touch-screen smartphone is quickly becoming an enterprise device, but one glaring hole has been the lack of a robust word-processing application. DataViz is aiming to solve this problem, and the company said Monday its Documents To Go software is available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The company is not the first to have a word-processing app for Apple’s mobile platform, as QuickOffice also has a product, but DataViz is well-known for its mobile document-editing software, and Documents To Go is preloaded on most BlackBerry smartphones.The iPhone app enables customers to view and edit Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) Word documents on the handset, and an integrated e-mail client lets Exchange users quickly attach or open World files. The software supports advanced editing features like predictive text entry, embedded pictures, password-protected files, and the ability to edit in landscape mode. Customers will also be able to view Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and iWork files with the software.

“There has been an overwhelming interest in Documents To Go and we’re very excited to expand our product line to include the revolutionary iPhone and iPod Touch,” said Dick Fontana, CEO of DataViz, in a statement. “We started our company in 1984 around Apple and Macintosh, so it’s personally gratifying to see everything come full circle with an App Store application as we celebrate our twenty-fifth year in the business.”

After installing a desktop client of Windows or Macintosh computers, iPhone users will also be able to synch their documents with the desktop over Wi-Fi. This software can synch single files or multiple folders, and the software checks to make sure the files on the iPhone are current.

Documents To Go is available now in the App Store, and it costs $4.99 and $9.99 depending on the version. DataViz said those buying the 1.0 version will get free updates which will include support for editing Excel files when it becomes available.

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