Microsoft office vs Apples iWork vs Google Docs

Microsoft office, Apple’s iWork and Google Docs have had a close competition. The competition is intense and has been there since years. Initially, one needed to create their file in their computer device or to download a file to computer in order to edit it. Now with the growing use of internet, one wants do anything and everything online.

It’s never been easier to get all of your work done inside a browser, from any internet-enabled computer you happen to be sat in front of, and after Google pioneered the idea, Apple and Microsoft have soon caught up with online office suites of their own.

The services provided by Apple, Google and Microsoft are becoming more alike, both in terms of use and spread. Apple has revamped its cloud offerings, moving the iWork suite into iCloud and allowing use on Windows machines.

Microsoft is in the process of dramatically increasing the functionality of Office 365, adding additional security and storage space. Google Docs has become one of the go-to web-based services for writing, creating a slideshow and so on. There is no subscription or specific operating system needed.

For many years Apple has been seen as a company for those who are “creative”, offering top of the range creative software such as Final Cut and Sound Track. As businesses became more interested in Apple’s technology, mainly because of the iPad, the company has had to up its game in terms of office software, improving the iWork suite through a serious of both visual and functional updates.

Google Docs

With the Google Drive platform sitting behind, google docs shows an amazing web support. Loading time is brilliantly lesser as compared to others. There are now a broad range of templates available to get you started. Also the apps work with Microsoft Office file formats, although some conversions aren’t perfect. Tracking multiple edits by multiple people, adding comments, and sharing files is all very straightforward inside the apps. Everything is free, as indeed are the rival offerings from Apple and Microsoft, and files created in Docs, Sheets and Slides don’t count towards your basic 15GB storage allowance from Google.

Apple’s iWork

In terms of look and feel, iWork for iCloud is slightly more elegant than the apps on Google Drive. Although the interface is a bit more cumbersome to get around. Apple is well known for justifying with your creativity. The tools come with some amazing features. With the launch of iPad, Apple has introduced some really great features which gives it a competitive edge. The biggest advantage of Apple’s solution, iWork, is that it ties in so well with its other apps and services. iCloud provides constant syncing between the OS X and iOS versions of iWork, which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

Microsoft Office

In terms of the complexity of documents, spreadsheets and presentations that you can create, Microsoft’s apps have the edge over the offerings from Google and Apple. Microsoft may have entered the online market a little late but has done a great work. It’s online interface are very much similar with its offline counterparts. The familiar Office ribbon is visible at the top of the interface. And if you squint your eyes a little it’s actually hard to tell the online and desktop versions apart.

So who leads in the race?

In terms of web aspects Google Docs may lead the board, in terms of creativity and handiness Apple’s iWork may rank higher, but with all those years of dedication and constant strive of improvement and with the user-friendly interface, Microsoft office surely rules them all. The company’s almost eternal focus on office applications works in its favor.

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