Jatin Waghela
Owner of iPhoneNewsTracker
This carefree, happy-go-lucky photographer cum designer brings a smile on everybody's face. He puts life in every frame. He thinks he is blessed with a good sense of humor, but we shall leave that for you to decide.
Pratik Patil
Cheif Editor of iPhoneNewsTracker
He loves to talk as much as he loves to design. An amazing illustrator, graphic designer and art director, he also makes a wonderful host. He can add life to almost everything, right from designs to occasions. He is ready for everything new, be it new places, new people or new ideas. You will enjoy working with him.
Ashray Dhamankar
Journalist, Editor of iPhoneNewsTracker
He is one gem of a person. Blessed with strong observational skills, he catches even the minutest of interesting detail and turns it into an amazing illustration. His love for perfection and aesthetics are evident in his designs. He finds uniqueness even in the most simplest and common things.
Dinesh Jadhav
Journalist, Editor of iPhoneNewsTracker
His love for more knowledge and more information is his core strength. Ask him anything about printing, music, photography and he shall guide you. And if he doesn’t know the answer he will search every nook and corner to find it. He is no less than God for us. Because he can add sky, light, birds or anything that he wishes to the frame. He is our photo retouching expert.
Sanket Khuntale
Community Enabler at iPhoneNewsTracker
Photography is not just his passion but also his religion. A free spirit explorer, he loves to take the road less taken. Always ready to take a leap of faith, he is a dare devil at heart. See the world through his lens, and you will fall in love with him.